Friday, April 2, 2010

Sad Face

I didn't even think to look up when H&M's Garden Collection came to stores, and when I learned it came out two weeks ago I immediately called my store. They are sold out of all of the dresses :( and have only a few pieces left from the entire collection! I then frantically checked ebay for listings of the ruffled dress I am coveting, and of the few I could find, the cheapest listing was $60! And as it is a special collection, they won't be making any more shipments. What a bummer! I definitely missed the boat on this one.


  1. i'm really sorry you can't find what you want. i'm pretty sure you'd be able to if you lived in my country.

  2. Yes, there are only about two or three stores in my state so it makes getting their lovely clothes quite difficult. Thanks for your concern :)