Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Green Shows

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This year at Fashion Week there were special eco shows (dubbed The Green Shows) that graced the New York runway. The Green Shows weren't all made up of the bohemian loungewear that comes to mind when one thinks eco clothing; there was great variety in the styles. This variation in the shows was obviously chosen to shake the stereotype of eco clothing by showing that it can be very modern and translated to styles across the board. The current ecological state with all of the (good and necessary) hoopla about global warming and destruction of the enviroment really show the glaring importance of sustainable fashion. I do hope and believe that these shows were a peek into the future.

(The designs above are some of my favorites from the Mr. Larkin (an ecological study) collection. Check them out here: )


  1. love the dress and the skirt / top combo. eco clothing is definitely gaining ground in the fashion world, vogue's been feature a lot of eco designers actually but these clothes are a lot more fashion forward than some of the things i saw being looked at by the editors...

    <33 v

  2. I think its just great. At first I couldn't believe that the dress above (on the left) was made of sustainable fabric!