Thursday, January 27, 2011


My family's good camera is broken :(. Something is loose in the lense. I was planning on doing an outfit post today but that will have to wait until later in the weekend unfortunately (or at least until I can find my own camera...).

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We had the cutest old man as a substitute in my psychology class today. He was wearing a funky, bright patterned knit sweater with Alexander Wang-esque elbow pads. (I bet he bought it before Alexander Wang was born, and seeing as he was about 80 and male he probably didn't care all that much about style when he put it on this morning.)
But his sweater reminded me that I was planning on putting elbow pads on my gray blazer just to add a little character. (a similar idea below)
It's relatively simple to do, but I just keep hesitating because I don't want to ruin a timeless piece...

Any thoughts? Should I go for it?


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